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Pinterest Improves Search With Enhanced Suggestions, Trending Searches, and More

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Pinterest has made it easier to find the pins and users you’re looking for with more streamlined search suggestions, the company stated in an announcement today.

Previously, search results would be cluttered with various filter settings for pins, users, and boards. Now Pinterest’s search function more closely resembles what you would expect to find when using other leading social networks.

As soon as you start typing in Pinterest’s search box the most closely related suggestions will begin to populate. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, prominent pinners will be indicated with a checkmark.

Search filters will still be available via the new filter button that appears once you tap or click into your results. With the new filter option you can switch between seeing boards, users, other people’s pins, or just your own pins.

You will also be able to instantly find what’s trending on Pinterest simple by tapping on the search bar. As an iPhone user this reminds me of Apple’s iTunes and App Store with how you can see top trending searches as soon as you click on the search tab. For now, this is limited to only what’s trending in the US.

Pinterest search has become smarter, in the sense that it will do its best to determine with you have made a spelling mistake and show you results for what it thinks you meant to type.

With this new functionality, people, businesses, and brands may see an increase in their Pinterest following. According to early tests, over two times as many searchers are finding the brands, people and boards they want to follow.

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Pinterest Improves Search With Enhanced Suggestions, Trending Searches, and More

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