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Pinterest has become a sensational newcomer in the social media industry since it was launched. In fact, the online pinboard is growing faster with over 7 million unique visitors since December.

What makes Pinterest the next big thing? Its simplicity. The social media website also harnesses the power of personal referring. Furthermore, it helps a user organize and share things that they love with other people in a visually pleasing way by creating topic-specific pinboard. Aside from that, there are other creative ways on how you can use Pinterest.

Looking for Artistic or Creative Inspiration

One of the many things that Pinterest can provide is artistic or creative inspiration. Most users collect images of Do-It-Yourself handcrafts, food ideas, home decors, and many more on the online pinboard. This is a great way to organize your home and other stuff in real life. The great thing is that you can share your board and its content using the Pinterest comment function.

Creating a Collector’s Showcase

If you’re a hobbyist or an enthusiast of something interesting, you can take advantage of Pinterest as a display of your personal collections. For instance, if you love taking photos of street graffiti, you can take photos of all the street graffiti that you see in your every travel and post it on the virtual pinboard. Just make sure that you create a board for this category so that you can organize your photos. You can also create a wish list board that contains various images of the things you want to have or want to achieve.

Collecting Travel Ideas

If you plan to travel across the country or around the world, Pinterest is great place to collect travel ideas and come up with an itinerary. You can pin reviews of great restaurants, sights, and hotels, as well as create your own “Travel Bucket Lists.” You can even use the social pinboard to post your own travel photos.

Promoting a Business or Blog

Pinterest is also not an exemption when it comes to social media marketing. You can create pinboards about the types of products you sell, the businesses you offer, and even the charitable activities you support.

Just remember not to make your profile all about business. Give your audience something to follow by posting something useful such as tips or latest trends. It won’t also hurt your campaign if you share content from other relevant sources. This is similar to telling your followers that you know a lot about the niche that you want to tap.

Aki Libo-on
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  • Michelle

    Pinterest is the fastest emerging social network site which is dedicated to pinning graphic images and videos of personal interest, thus turning this site into the largest online “pin-board”. Advantageous for B2C and B2B, Pinterest can help your SEO rankings in more than one way:
    · With social signals and built-in algorithms, the content can be crawled and indexed to improve the SEO.
    · The backlinks help to improve your social presence.
    · With no content and only graphics, it gives you a chance to build up your presence through creativity.
    · It creates brand awareness in a very visual and exciting way.

    • Aki Libo-on

      That’s absolutely right Michelle. In fact, it allows online marketers to reach more audience with the help of videos and images. It even allows them to engage the “creative side” of their target audience.

  • Jake

    It is quickly becoming a huge tool for online marketing, it has surpassed Yahoo on sending unique visitors to listed sites.

    • Aki Libo-on

      Well, I am not aware that Pinterest was able to surpass Yahoo. But being ranked as the third most-popular social network according to Experian Hitwise, it’s not surprising.