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Pinterest Adds Pin Engagement & Website Retargeting

Pinterest retargeting

Pinterest entered the world of retargeting this year with the launch of visitor retargeting in June. Then Pinterest rolled out Engagement Retargeting in August, letting advertisers retarget people who engaged with (e.g., saved, clicked on) pins.

Now Pinterest is giving advertisers even more new retargeting options.

You can now create audiences based on the actions users take with your pins and the actions people take on your website.

Here’s what’s new with Pinterest retargeting.

Create an Engagement Audience

You can create retargeting campaigns based on five actions Pinterest users can take with your pins. Those are:

  • Clicks.
  • Comments.
  • Saves.
  • Likes.
  • Closeups.

In addition, you can create an engagement audience based on “people’s interest in a specific Pin that links to your website,” according to Pinterest’s blog post. This retargeting option will help you reach people who have already engaged with your Pins – and hopefully convince them to convert.

“For example, you might create an action-based campaign by targeting someone who’s saved one of your Pins with the next story in your campaign,” according to Pinterest. “People who’ve clicked on a Pin are 4.4x more likely to take action on that Pin in the future, so this kind of retargeting creates a lot of potential for new business.”

Create a Visitor Audience

In August, Pinterest launched its new tag that you can add to your website to track nine different types of actions users take on your site (e.g., page visits, add to cart, signup). You’ll need to add that tag to your site to take advantage of Pinterest’s other new retargeting option.

Pinterest is also adding a way to retarget people who have recently visited your website – or even specific pages, like a checkout or confirmation page – when they visit Pinterest. You can create audiences to retarget Pinterest users who have taken specific actions on your site.

“If someone browsed a category on your site or made a purchase over a specific amount, it’s easier for you to show them the Promoted Pins they’ll find relevant,” according to Pinterest. “For example, you could identify people who’ve viewed the outdoor furniture on your website and show them a Pin displaying a dreamy backyard setting full of products they might find interesting.”

What do you think of Pinterest’s new retargeting options?

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Pinterest Adds Pin Engagement & Website Retargeting

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