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Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions

Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions

For the first time, Pinterest is letting marketers choose conversions as a campaign objective for Promoted Pins.

Previously, Promoted Pins could only be optimized for clicks. Now they can be optimized for other types of conversions.

Pinterest’s new conversion optimization capability allows marketers to design ads around getting users to take specific actions.

Actions could include making a purchase, signing up to a mailing list, or filling out other kinds of lead-gen forms.

Pinterest says using conversion optimization can also help get ads in front of people who are more likely to take a business’ desired action.

“Advertisers who care solely about performance have been able to achieve their business goals using manual inputs, but the new conversions objective allows them to hit their goals quickly and easily without additional effort.”

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Brands who were given early access to conversion optimization, such as Gravity Blankets, achieved a 2x increase in sales and a 58% lower cost per acquisition.

In other Pinterest advertising news

Pinterest also announced that promoted video is being expanded to serve advertisers who have traffic or conversion goals.

A promoted video optimized for ‘conversions’ goals will take users to a landing page that houses the advertiser’s website.

Conversion optimization and Promoted Video for conversions are now available for all Pinterest business accounts.


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