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Pingoat Blog Pinging Service

Pingoat Blog Pinging Service

Tara at ResearchBuzz took a look at Pingoat, the mass pinging service for blogs this morning. This is entirely unrelated but when I loaded up ResearchBuzz (yes it has been a while) I couldn’t help but notice the fonts look just like the Google Blog now.

Anyway, if you’re a blog owner or marketer, Pingoat can save you a whop of time with its mass pinging. Tara writes :

(Pinging == sending an alert to a crawling or aggregation service, letting them know your site has updated. That way they know when they come spider your site that fresh content will be available.)

Pingoat has dozens of sites to ping, divided into three categories: General, Non English Services, and Special Services. Enter your blog name, URL, and feed URL, and select the services you want to ping (you can click on the category name to ping everything in the category.) Pingoat returns a status page that shows you the results of each ping. With one exception ( all the pings I tried succeeded.

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Pingoat Blog Pinging Service

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