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Picsearch Working with MSN Search to Power Image Search

Picsearch Working with MSN Search to Power Image Search

Picsearch announced today that it has entered into an agreement to supply the new MSN Search service with image search services. This means that MSN consumers may search for electronic images on the Internet using technology made available by Picsearch. Nils Andersson, CEO of Picsearch, said “I am very excited that Picsearch’s technology will be used to find images on the Web for this worldwide service. MSN shares our desire to be at the forefront of the net search market.

The new MSN Search, launched on February 1, delivers the information consumers are looking for online more precisely through a combination of up-to-date resources and search tools that make it possible for consumers to tailor their search to their needs. With a database of hundreds of millions of images Picsearch forms part of this integrated service.

“The new MSN Search service offers a large index to help consumers quickly and easily find the information that is of interest to them,” said Justin Osmer, product manager at MSN. “MSN is proud to team up with Picsearch to offer a vast index of high-quality images that are relevant to our consumers’ queries.” About Picsearch Picsearch creates leading image search solutions that power visual search for many of the Web’s leading properties.

The company syndicates its technology to search engines and portals to enable them to complete their own search package by acquiring powerful image search capabilities. Since Picsearch’s inception in 2000, its syndication partners have come to include top Internet properties MSN, Ask Jeeves Inc and Lycos Europe GmbH.

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Picsearch Working with MSN Search to Power Image Search

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