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100M Phone Call Insights: Your Key To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Learn proprietary insights that can help small-to-medium businesses & agency marketers develop high-converting marketing & sales strategies.

Call Rail Data Driven Strategies

Looking to create golden sales opportunities efficiently and easily?

Do you think you’re attracting good leads, but results aren’t showing it?

What could you do with voice-of-customer insights summarized across calls?

The key might lie within phone calls.

CallRail has analyzed more than 100 million phone calls and consumer communication trends, and they’re ready to share their findings with you.

On November 1, I moderated a webinar with Jason Tatum, CallRail’s VP of Product. Tatum covered the past and future state of phone calls and how you can use AI to gain valuable insights that will transform your business.

Here’s a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form.

What We Uncovered

Consumers prefer to call businesses for many types of transactions — particularly high-stakes purchases such as in healthcare or insurance, where two-thirds of consumers prefer calling over any other type of contact.

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Main Insight: Mining The Conversation Is Untapped Gold

Phone conversations provide some of the richest insights you can get about buyers’ needs and motivations.

This type of conversation data could improve:

  • Lead conversion.
  • Customer experience.
  • Agent performance.
  • Marketing optimization.
Screenshot by CallRail, Nov 2023

8 Golden Insights From Call Tracking

The strategy of mining calls is helping companies gain massive insights for strengthening their marketing strategy.

Call tracking, alone, can offer you insights into:

  • Call attribution.
  • Call recording & transcription.
  • Lead qualification.
  • CRM integration.
  • Marketing ROI.

With 100 million calls backing this up, we know that call tracking helps marketers drive the most high-quality leads because call tracking:

  • Identifies which ads are performing the best.
  • Allows marketers to double down on performance.
  • Saves money and increases ROI.

[See the data] Instantly access the on-demand webinar →

7 More Golden Insights From Call Tracking With AI

We’ve also discovered that by implementing call tracking with the technology of artificial intelligence, calls are also providing companies with:

  • Keywords and phrases.
  • Buying intent.
  • Product and service interests.
  • Sentiment.
  • Agent performance.
  • Call outcomes.
  • Patterns across calls.

From our data, we’re confirming that phone calls are, in fact, one of the richest sources of untapped intelligence compared to SMS, chat, and forms.

How To Extract The Gold

Now that you see the data that thousands of companies are mining from phone calls, it’s time to learn how to get that same data for yourself.

However, manually identifying patterns across thousands of calls, agents, locations, or campaigns is virtually impossible without these steps:

  1. [Get the steps] Instantly access the on-demand webinar →

100M Phone Call Insights: Your Key To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies [Slides]

Here’s the presentation:


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100M Phone Call Insights: Your Key To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

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100M Phone Call Insights: Your Key To Data-Driven Marketing Strategies [Webinar]