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Peter Da Vanzo’s Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Peter Da Vanzo’s Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Are you making mistakes in your SEO campaign which may hurt your business, or that of your clients’, in the long run? Peter Da Vanzo, long time SEO and search engine forum, blog and news contributor, has put together his Top 10 SEO Mistakes at the V7N Search Marketing Blog. Here are the top three:

1. No Marketing Plan – if you don’t know who your market is, and what they want, rankings will not help you. They’ll just help chew bandwidth and raise your opportunity cost.

2. Selecting Keyword Terms Based Only On Traffic Volume – you need to be number #1 for “cars”, because the term “cars” recieves a lot of search queries and you sell “cars”? That won’t do you a lot of good if you only sell cars in Fiji. See #1.

3. Selecting Keyword Terms That Have Little To Do With Your Service – the days of drag-net SEO using off-topic keyword terms are long gone. Be specific. If you sell cars in Fiji, you want “car dealers Fiji”, and semantic variations thereof.

Given the recent talk about planning SEO campaigns which are targeted towards specific search engine algorithms of specific searchs engines and not just Google, I really like this one too :

What pleases Yahoo! and MSN does not necessarily please Google. If your audience uses MSN, then work out what MSN wants and deliver it. The solutions can be complex and varied, depending on how…cough…determined you are, however, if you want to hit a middle ground, they all tend to like keywords in the links (at the time of writing).

Read the rest of Peter’s Top Ten SEO Mistakes and add some of your own!

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Peter Da Vanzo’s Top 10 SEO Mistakes

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