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Periscope Uncouples Itself From Twitter, Twitter Account No Longer Required

An update to Twitter’s iOS live streaming app, Periscope, introduces the ability for users to sign in without the need for a Twitter account.

Previously, in order to use Periscope you had to sign in via Twitter. Now you can create an account on Periscope using your phone number, and get access to all of its features without the need to link your Twitter account.

One of the benefits of pairing your Twitter account with Periscope is the ability to find and follow your Twitter connections and view their live streams. If you choose to forego the option of linking your Twitter account you’ll have to build all of your connections from scratch.

Additional features included in Periscope’s update today include an easier way to reply to comments on live broadcasts, and allows the ability for everyone to change their profile pictures.

It has now been six weeks since Twitter acquired Periscope, which at the time was for an undisclosed sum. It was recently revealed in a quarterly earnings report that Twitter acquired Periscope and social media talent agency Niche for over $86 million.

When Periscope launched it logged an impressive 1 million user signups in its first 10 days. In an effort to bolster its own live streaming service, Twitter cut off access for competitive app Meerkat prior to the launch of Periscope.

Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope is part of an ongoing effort to boost user engagement and increase the number of monthly active users, which has been struggling to meet analysts’ estimates.

Today’s update falls in line with that strategy — by opening up Periscope to more users there’s an opportunity to covert those people into being Twitter users as well. If nothing else, the update makes it easier for people to join and enjoy Periscope.

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Periscope Uncouples Itself From Twitter, Twitter Account No Longer Required

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