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Performancing – Monetize Your Blog

Performancing – Monetize Your Blog

If you want to make more money blogging and want to discover the best ways to do it, by learning from the pros – I have a GREAT new resource for you. Nick from ThreadWatch and Patrick from TextLinkAds have joined forces to bring you Take a peak at all the info this new resource offers. They are just barely getting started! A couple articles you may find interesting are: Credibility and Affiliate Links and Product Blogs for Women – Amazing Profit Potential!

Here is a little info from Nick at ThreadWatch about their new baby, which just launched yesterday.

“ – Helping Bloggers Succeed” is a group blog aimed at “professional bloggers”, those folks that aren’t so much interested in who said what about who, or whether they’re on the “A-List” as those who want to blog professionally.

Performancing covers all kinds of stuff, but it’s all very tightly focused on making money from blogging. We’re talking about ad programs, design, testing, promoting and the business of blogging for $$$’s.”

Here is some more info and lots of positive comments from faithful ThreadWatch readers that are excited about this new resource. Professional Blogging @ |

I was lucky enough to get a preview of this grand plan of Nick and Patrick’s and did some consulting for them early on. Have to say I am very impressed with what I see so far and think Performancing will fill a big need in the blogging community. You like this? Just wait, more to come!

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Performancing – Monetize Your Blog

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