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PBS to Launch MediaShift Blog by Mark Glaser

PBS to Launch MediaShift Blog by Mark Glaser

PBS has announced the launch on Jan 18 of a a new blog called MediaShift, which will explore how new forms of digital media are dramatically changing American society and culture.

In a particularly good signing, and the main reason we are even mentioning this blog at all, the new blog will be written by Mark Glaser, probably best know more recently in the blogosphere for his excellent writing for the USC Annenberg School for Communication’s Online Journalism Review.

MediaShift will offer a continuing look at how digital media such as blogs, RSS, podcasts, citizen journalism, wikis, news aggregators and video repositories are altering the way we live, play and work. The site is said to provide a window into this world for the average user while offering enough details to satisfy the more technically savvy, and will offer ongoing opportunities for active public participation and feedback.

“I’m thrilled to be working with, one of the most trusted names in media, to cover the topical subject of how technology and the Net are transforming the media,” said Glaser. “After writing about blogs and new media as an observer for so many years, I’m finally walking my talk by writing a blog, and actually practicing what I’ve preached for so long. I’m looking forward to writing about new forms of journalism and media while also submerging myself in this world even more — and letting my audience participate in new ways.”

Duncan Riley, Blog News and Blog Search Columnist – Duncan is a voice of the Blogosphere and the editor of the Blog Herald, which has grown over the years to become a respected voice in the Blog Marketing and News world. Besides the Blog Herald, Duncan is also one of the owners of b5media, a new blog network also run by Jeremy Wright of and Darren Rowse of

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PBS to Launch MediaShift Blog by Mark Glaser

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