Pay Per Face: 52 Facebook Advertising Tips & Best Practices

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Brian Carter
Brian Carter
Pay Per Face: 52 Facebook Advertising Tips & Best Practices

Facebook Ads Are Interesting… and Profitable

Combine AdWords’ copywriting and analytics with image-oriented linkbait, and you’ve got Facebook ads.

And it’s a new system to figure out how to compete in. To that end, I’ve combined my own experience with creating and optimizing Facebook ads for myself and clients with a survey of the existing literature out there, and created a free whitepaper and video training called “PAY PER FACE: 52 Facebook Ad Tips and Best Practices”.

I’ll share some of those here with you:

  • Use CPM Bidding. The more compelling the ad, the higher CTR and thus lower CPC- bid CPM so you can take advantage of this, and CPC comes out lower.

  • Change ads frequently to combat viewer tiredness. The more targeted you are, the quicker people will have seen it and will ignore it.
  • Use Quantcast and Google AdPlanner to get demographic data for targeting.
  • Organize target groups (and campaigns) by high, medium, and low affinity and budget accordingly.
  • Make your images compelling: amateur photo look, animals, smiling people, picture of target audience’s goal or dream.
  • Write awesome copy: questions, testimonials, calls to action, call-outs based on demo you targeted.
  • Always test multiple ads. Always. Always.
  • Pause ads when they tire to 25% of the original CTR, but reactivate them later. I’ve occasionally seen better performance from ads the second time around.
  • Get super-granular by creating permutations of likes, ages, genders for more segmented campaigns. Then you can allocate budget according to performance and increase overall ROI.
  • Study the top Digg posts from the last 365 days in your category to see what makes people click.
  • Use “Facebook” and FB-specific terminology in your copy. For example: fan pages, wall posts, likes, and groups.

That’s 11 of the tips- for 41 more tips, more explanation, more diagrams, and a narrated video walkthrough of the whitepaper, click here:
“PAY PER FACE: 52 Facebook Ad Tips and Best Practices”


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