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Paglo: The World’s First Search Engine for IT

Paglo which just launched yesterday in beta claims itself as the Google of IT. A free and on-demand service for IT professionals, Paglo allows searching for businesses’ IT data and answers to computer , network and security questions. As an innovative search engine, Paglo combines multiple trend setting technologies that enable businesses to gather all information about their IT environment and infrastructure.

Paglo’s relevance within an organization can be as simple as telling users whether their business IT system complies with Microsoft licensing policies to whether their individual machines have the latest security patches for installed software such as Microsoft Office. Paglo creates indexes of businesses’ information and keeps these data hidden from within the members of the organization.

Paglo CEO, Brian de Haaff said that Paglo aims to provide IT professionals with an adulterated and pure search experience.

“We believe that search is the best solution for any problem that requires ad hoc investigation of massive amounts of information. A perfect IT search engine will process and understand all of the information about devices, networks, and users. This type of ‘universal search’ is the value that Paglo delivers.” – says de Haaff.

Since Paglo is an open source search engine, the documentation is already out for everyone to see eventhough the search engine would only go live at the end of this month. As a search engine Paglo can do a variety of searches all aimed at providing IT professionals with relevant and useful enterprise-wide IT information.

Scanning through the documentation on how to install Paglo crawlers, to the different varieties of searches that can be performed using Paglo’s search engine, it would seem that Paglo is indeed promising. And being free for download and use by anyone, expect a lot of modifications and customization to be made with the IT search engine. But that is if it garners a considerable amount of interest among IT businesses.

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Paglo: The World’s First Search Engine for IT

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