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Overture: So Much More Than Pay Per Click

Overture – So Much More Than Pay Per Click

Overture is known for being the Leader in “Per Per Click” (PPC).Owned by Yahoo, Overture advertisers can reach over 80% of Internet users. If you take
a closer look and pop the hood, you’ll find a whole suite of useful tools for Marketers.

1) Precision Match: This is where Overture began, back when it was known as Precision Match is the original “bid for keyword” search
engine, and it’s still a core utility for Overture users. You select your keywords/phrases and the amount you want to pay per click and you are only charged that amount when someone clicks through to your website.

Overture has relationships with Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Infospace and others. By bidding into the top three positions, you’ll also enjoy exposure on those top search engines as well under what’s called “Sponsored Listings.” For more, see…

2) Content Match: Unlike “Precision Match,” where your listings appear on search results pages, “Content Match” displays your listings alongside articles, product reviews, etc. Currently these listings appear on many of Yahoo’s content areas (including Entertainment, Finance & Shopping), MSN content areas (including Money & Tech & Gadgets), and other online destinations.

Your listing will only appear on Content Pages that are relevant to your service or product. For example, if you sell fishing gear, your listing might appear on a web page that contains articles or other information on how to be a better angler.

You can set your bids for Content Match separately from those on Precision Match, giving you the opportunity to track results to see which type is converting best for you.

If you use “Precision Match,” Content Match can be turned on or off from within the control panel. For more on this, see…

3) Local Match: If you want to target customers in a certain geographic area then you’ll want to take a look at “Local Match.” This would be perfect for Mom and Pop operators or those who sell products and services to a local crowd only. There is no monthly minimum, with the minimum bid of only 10 cents per click. This service can be used by those who don’t have a website, as Overture sets up a landing page for users of this service. Called a “Locator Page,” it displays a map, store hours and a link to your site (if you have one). Local Match listings appear on CitySearch, AltaVista, Yahoo, AllTheWeb and more. For more on Local Search, see

4) Marketing Console: Helps you to measure all of your online marketing campaigns so you know where you’re getting the best return for your money. Track your Pay Per Click Bids, email ads, banner ads, affiliate program and more. This site will also tell you how well your website is converting leads to
actual sales. To use this service, you’ll need to paste some JavaScript code onto your pages.

Depending on the package chosen, pricing starts at $149.00 a month and goes up from there. For more on Marketing Console, see:

5) Site Match: This is a component of Yahoo’s Search Content Acquisition Program. By submitting to “Site Match,” you’ll ensure your pages are reviewed and included in Yahoo, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and others. Your site will not be shown under “sponsored listings,” but appear in the main body of the search results pages. You must pay an annual fee for inclusion, which is $49.00 for the first URL and a cost per click for each click thru of $.15 to $.30 depending on the category chosen. See this page for more:

6) Conversion Counter: Free tool that tracks the number of conversions that are generated from your keywords listings at Overture. A conversion
happens when someone enters your site and performs an action, such as buying something or signing up for your ezine or free report.

To use “Conversion Counter,” you’ll need to sign up for it in Overture’s Control Panel, then copy some HTML code onto one page of your site (generally
the sales confirmation page).

7) Merchant Solutions: Since Yahoo owns Overture, you’ll also find a variety of tools for small business owners, such as:

A) Shopping Carts
B) Web Hosting and Email Accounts
C) Domain Name Registrations

For more details, see:

As you can see, Overture has come a long way from just offering a “one size fits all” Pay Per Click Solution. By utilizing their variety of tools, you’ll increase your website exposure and spend your marketing dollars more wisely.

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Overture: So Much More Than Pay Per Click

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