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Overture Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising Match Types

Last week, the Search Engine Journal reviewed Google Match Types for Search Engine Advertising on Google AdWords. This week, we’ll be looking at the different types of keyword matches that Overture offers to help advertisers trim the fat in their search engine keyword advertising campaigns on Yahoo’s Overture which serves targeted ads on Yahoo, MSN, and other large partners such as Gator’s GAIN adware.

Overture Match Types:

Search engine marketers should note that while Google and Overture offer similar services, they apply different terms. So, be conscious of this fact when distinguishing between the different options.

Overture allows you to bid differently for each match type. There are currently three of these options, but Overture also allows for negative keywords, like Google.

Standard Match: This is the equivalent of Google’s broad match option. If your bidded search term is diamond ring your ad will appear when someone types that exact phrase, singular/plural variations of the words, or misspells any word/s.

Phrase Match: Overture will preserve your search term in its exact order but will also allow for other terms to be included in the query, as well. E.G.- The bidded search term is golf shoes. If a user enters “golf shoes in size 10” your listing will show.

Broad Match: True to form, your listing will appear when your search term is used in the broadest form. For example, if a user types in “car used in James Bond movie” and your term is used car…your listing will appear.

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Overture Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising Match Types

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