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Overture Offers New Search Marketing Tool

Overture has introduced a new search engine marketing/advertising keyword management tool which is supposed to save users time when planning online keyword advertising campaigns.

Overture Performance Marketing, a division of Overture Services, Inc., today announced the launch of Search Optimizer, an enhanced campaign optimization product designed to help advertisers maximize the effectiveness of their Overture sponsored search campaigns. The launch of Search Optimizer, now available in the U.S., demonstrates Overture’s ongoing commitment to generating greater value for its advertisers by providing them with simplified campaign management solutions and valuable insights to better inform their marketing decision-making process.

“Overture is always looking for ways to help our advertisers use sponsored search campaign management to enable them to focus on running their businesses,” said Steven Mitgang, senior vice president and general manager of Overture Performance Marketing. “Search Optimizer fulfills this need by helping advertisers increase the performance of their sponsored search campaigns and save time, ultimately enabling them to more efficiently meet their business objectives.”

Search Optimizer allows Overture advertisers to improve their campaign performance and reduce the amount of time spent managing their listings by offering them the ability to easily:

— Optimize campaigns based on business objectives such as cost-per-acquisition (CPA), cost per click (CPC), return on ad spend (ROAS) and others;

— Automate keyword bidding based on performance-driven bid recommendations tied to their unique business objectives;

— Sort campaigns by performance to quickly and intuitively determine which campaigns/keywords need additional optimization;

— Manage thousands of keywords through features that allow them to develop “watch lists” of their most important campaigns or keywords, perform advanced searches of their performance data and quickly download large amounts of information to an outside application;

— Define active time frames for their listings.

The product builds on the core foundation of the campaign performance metrics provided in Marketing Console, which was launched in November 2003 and will remain in the Overture Performance Marketing product line.

Search Optimizer is a subscription based product and is available in the U.S. directly through Overture Performance Marketing and will soon be available through select search engine marketing partners. For more information, please visit Overture’s website here.

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Overture Offers New Search Marketing Tool

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