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  3. SEO Sets Affiliate PPC Guidelines is taking measures that will prevent its affiliates from bidding on trademarks. Search Engine Lowdown reports that an email was sent out today to Overstock affiliates which outlines certain new regulations. Here’s a copy of an email they sent out.

I write to inform you of a change in our policy with respect to bidding on trademarks and their derivatives. Effective immediately, affiliates are not allowed to bid on any trademark related keywords in Pay per Click Search Engines (PPCSEs). Some examples of these keyword terms include:

> overstock
> over
> overstock .com
> overstockcom
> over stock .com
> overstock com

If you are bidding on any of these types of keyword terms, please stop by Friday, June 11, 2004. Failure to do so will result in a temporary suspension from our Affiliate Program. Once you are placed on temporary suspension, you will be out of the Affiliate Program for 14 days and ineligible to receive any commissions on the sales you generate during this term. After the 14 day term, you will have the opportunity to opt back in to the Affiliate Program if you have complied with the above request. A second violation of this policy will result in permanent termination from our Affiliate Program.

We understand that these keywords may drive traffic to your site and are prepared to work with you to find alternative ways to maximize the partnership. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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