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Case Study: Outsourcing Link Building to Grow Traffic by 63,000+ Visitors

By partnering with a white label link building service, this digital marketing agency was able to grow their client's website traffic significantly.

This is a sponsored post written by Page One Power. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.

One unique service we’re happy to offer at Page One Power is our white label individual link building service. We primarily offer this service to SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies.

This service helps agencies purchase individual links built by the Page One Power team, which they can then resell to their clients as part of a broader digital marketing or SEO campaign.

We’ve been able to help many agencies achieve great results for their clients with our individual link building service — let’s take a look at some of those results.

Increasing Traffic by 34% Over 18 Months with Link Building

Increasing Traffic by 34% Over 18 Months with Link Building

Since 2012, we’ve built over 60,000 links for our clients, and 178 of them have been for this individual link client, who we’ve worked with for just over 18 months. These links were built through our partnership with the SEO agency of record who represents the client.

The 178 links we’ve built for this client include:

  • 55 resource page links.
  • 123 in-content links.

A strong content marketing strategy is a great indicator that a client may be the right fit for our individual link building services.

The best candidates for our individual link building services already have great on-site optimization and existing linkable content on their sites — they just need help with the intensive process of manually building links.

In this case, the agency of record that represents this client does a lot of great SEO work for them, ensuring their site is technically optimized, has strong internal links, and plenty of existing high-quality content.

The agency also assisted this client with paid search, improving performance through better keyword and local targeting, and reducing waste.

The client had many resource pages on their website, in addition to plenty of other linkable content, making them a great candidate for individual link building. After reviewing this client’s website, we knew they were ready for links!

The existing content available made it easy to identify our link building opportunities.

In-Content Link Building

We began by leveraging opportunities to build links back to the linkable assets on the client’s site with in-content link building.

With our in-content link building service, we first identify the linkable pages on the client’s site. Our content writing team then crafts high-quality articles for relevant third-party sites, which include links to the client’s site.

Our writers identified plenty of useful pieces of content on the client’s website, then connected them to relevant in-content opportunities to link where they added value to readers.

Resource Page Link Building

We then began to pursue resource page link building opportunities.

Resource pages are pages on a website that act as an authoritative resource to visitors. The primary purpose of a resource page is to provide informational value to the reader — think educational, not advertorial.

The client had several resources on their website that naturally earned links. These resource pages had clear value: they were helpful and educational, which made it easy for our team to communicate their value to other site owners and build relevant links!

The Results

While we don’t require contracts for our white label individual link building service, we’ve been helping the agency of record with this client for just over 18 months.

During this time, we’ve been excited to see organic traffic to the client’s site increase by 34 percent!

Results: Traffic Graph

The links we’ve built, in combination with the agency of record’s content and technical SEO services, have contributed to an increase from 190,000 to 253,900 organic visitors per month.

The client has also seen increases in keyword rankings in the top 3 results. We’ve helped them grow their presence from 3,763 to 5,888 top 3 keyword ranking results. That’s a 56 percent increase in keyword visibility in the top 3 results.

The resource pages on this client’s website had a local component: those pages helped visitors connect with local resources. The links we built contributed to an increase in geo-specific traffic — an important KPI for this client.

Leads Increased by 20%

Overall, our individual link building services supported the agency of record’s marketing strategy for this client, which has resulted in an increase in leads by 20 percent.

After discussions with the agency about their plan for this client, we knew they were a great fit for our individual link building services.

The work they’ve done to optimize the client’s site and improve their paid search performance provided the support our team needed to achieve success with our off-page optimization services.

Through our partnership, we’ve been able to implement an optimized marketing plan that achieves great results for this client.

This link building service allows agencies to outsource the intensive process of manual link building. We help our agency partners meet their clients’ SEO goals, so they can focus on the other digital marketing and SEO tactics they specialize in.

While this service might seem similar to some services offered by other popular link building providers, the difference lies in what makes all of our work unique.

To ensure all of the links we build drive results, this service is only offered to a very specific set of clients who are subject to a stringent set of content and optimization requirements.

Link building should always be part of a larger SEO strategy, so before we begin this service, we take time to discuss the agency’s plans for the client and the client’s current SEO. This helps us identify whether the client is a good fit for the service, and informs our link building strategy.

At Page One Power, we offer a full range of custom SEO solutions that help our clients achieve better rankings, improved traffic, and results from their organic search presence.

If you’d like to learn how our team can help you achieve better results, check out more of our case studies or contact one of our SEO specialists today.

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Case Study: Outsourcing Link Building to Grow Traffic by 63,000+ Visitors

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