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Oscars Predictions for 2009 Winners Online

The Oscars are going to start at 8:30 EST tonight, and the world is waiting to see whether Slumdog Millionaire, a film which almost did not make it to cinematic release, will fulfill its destiny and capture the Academy Awards like it already has the hearts of the world.

I just wrote a little about Yahoo Movies and their Oscars site with their Oscar predictions, but wanted to share some more search engines and online resources that are predicting the winners for tonight’s 81st Annual Academy Awards.

  • AOL’s MovieFone 2009 Oscar Predictions : AOL has put together a slideshow of their Oscar Pool predictions and have picked Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress & Sean Penn as Best Actor from the film Milk.
  • Oscar Frenzy : A blog crazy about the Oscars with their predictions list and a vibrant commenting frenzy, Oscar Frenzy has gone against the grain and predicted that Revolutionary Road will win the Best Picture.
  • MSN Movies : MSN, like most other online entertainment sites, is not predicting that Mickey Rourke will win Best Actor, and feels that Sean Penn will win it for Milk, although they say Rourke should win because he has earned it.
  • Oscars on : Of course since ABC is hosting the actors they can’t really predict the winners without there being any controversy, but they have set up the Official Oscars site with live streaming of the Oscars and the Red Carpet festivities.

Who do you think will take away Oscars tonight? Please feel free to leave your predictions in the comments below or link to other websites which are running Oscars predictions.

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Oscars Predictions for 2009 Winners Online

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