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Organize Multiple Campaigns and Distribute Permissions with Raven Tools

With Raven tools you can unite all your personal projects and client work under one dashboard which saves time and effort. What’s more, you can even create multiple logins with different permissions to give access to your co-workers or freelancers.

Let’s see how this works.

1. Create Multiple Profiles

The first step in aggregating and organizing all your projects is creating separate profiles for each of them.

To add a Profile, hover over the Admin tab in the Main Navigation and click on the Profiles submenu link. Enter a new Profile Name and then click on the Add Profile button.

It is a good idea to give some name that will be easy to associate with the project (the main site of the project or the name of the client):

Add a profile

After the profile is created, you can start adding websites to it.

2. Manage roles

Managing and assigning roles allows you to set which areas different users are permitted to see. You can add roles in ADMIN menus -> Role manager.

Role manager

You can add a Sub-User role or a Read-Only role. Both the role types are highly customizable. You can set which sections of the tool will be visible to the user with this role and which will be hidden from him. To start provide the role name and description. Then for each of the tools section grant one of the possible levels of access:

  • Full access;
  • Read-only;
  • None:

Add a role

3. Add users

You can add users from ADMIN menus -> “User Manager”. There you will be able to see current users: Admin icon designates an admin user.

User manager

From there you can add a sub-user or a read-only user.

As far as you can see, managing projects and distributing roles is easy and highly customizable to suit any team and any needs.

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Organize Multiple Campaigns and Distribute Permissions with Raven Tools

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