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Organic Listings Forum : Google PageRank, Blogs and Paid Links

How Relevant is Google PageRank?

Reporting live from SES New York, Mike Grehan is moderating this open forum with Greg Boser, Dave Naylor and Jill Whalen on the panel.

  • PageRank is not as important as it used to be but it is important in terms of crawling frequency and amount of total pages which can be supported.
  • Using NoFollow tools to scupt PageRank is a good thing to do.
  • Shows how many pages you can hold in the index.
  • Toolbar PageRank data is a tiny representation of what real Google PageRank is.
  • Don’t ask an SEO about Google PageRank, ask a mathmetician.

Does Google Monitor User Data :

  • When you mouse over the links, search engines use javascript to track click thru
  • I think they actually are starting to use more of that, but mostly in the blended areas.
  • Google using Feedburner as a quality indicator and most blog posts are enjoying high rankings for about two weeks before slowly dropping in the index due to freshness and hot topics.
  • If Google used only userdate for ranking sites in its index it would be easier to manipulate those rankings.
  • User data is probably part of the algorithm, but there are also 100’s or 1,000’s of such variables.

How Relevant are Blogs to Google Listings

  • Blogging can obtain high rankings, but slowly fades away even with SEO’d posts and titles.
  • Blogs posts have a slow lifespan, but a blogger is inherently constantly producing new news.
  • Front page of Digg or Yahoo Buzz can bring more users and more difference makers than only humans (in terms of links, site usage, advertising revenue)
  • Blogs naturally use keywords in the post, that’s where you’re going to get your natural longtail traffic.
  • Be creative, be original and be different.

What’s the Difference Between a Forum and a Blog

  • RSS. Eventhough forums use RSS, blogs depend on RSS for distribution and aggregation.
  • The more authoritative your site is, the more onpage factors are used. A single page from or a major blog will enjoy more authoritative links because of its blog distribution.
  • Top bloggers can write one post and enjoy ranking before anyone links to them, because of RSS distribution.

Paid Linking and Google Tips

  • Negotiate Links on Your Own
  • Use sites like AdBrite (and other places) to identify bloggers not selling ads and strike up private deals.
  • Negotiate with broker to buy links on select sites which are not listed in networks.
  • Don’t link from all sites PageRank 3 or 5 and above, mix it up.
  • Mix white hat and paid links, then phase out paid links.
  • Cross reference on and see how the sites which have been paying for links on sites for a long time, then see how those advertisers are ranking.
  • The guy with the biggest wallet ranks higher.
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Organic Listings Forum : Google PageRank, Blogs and Paid Links

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