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Opera Goes Free with Help from Google

Opera Goes Free with Help from Google

Lookout Microsoft IE and Mozilla Firefox, the boys at Opera have finally released their browser for free (and sponsored ad free) in an attempt to escalate its share of the browser market by brining in more loyal users.

“Today we invite the entire Internet community to use Opera and experience Web browsing as it should be,” said Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Removing the ad banner and licensing fee will encourage many new users to discover the speed, security and unmatched usability of the Opera browser.”

Opera, which currently enjoys a 2-3% share of the web browser market, is now offering its browser for no cost and banner ad free with a little help from Google. Why Google? Opera has renegotiated their search as revenue contract with Google to the point where they no longer need banner ads to support the Opera browser. In browser searches will default to Google search where Opera will be reimbursed with a higher AdWords revenue share than before.

From Opera “Revenue in the long term is expected to increase as the ad-free browser is expected to significantly expand Opera’s market share and the contract with Google provides more search revenue per user”.

Techwhack Editor and Opera Enthusiast Sushubh Mittal adds “Opera now expects to triple its user base, which currently stands at an approximate 20 million users. There are many users out there who disliked the ads in the browser and hence moved on to Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. They would be the first ones to move back as per company’s expectations. Opera has been one of the most innovative ones in the market when it comes to adding value to its browser, which comes bundled with an incredible mail client, newsgroup support, RSS aggregator, and IRC support.”

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Opera Goes Free with Help from Google

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