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Opera Features On Browser

Opera Features On Browser

Opera Features On Browser

The Opera Browser and Gurunet’s have partnered to bring content directly into Opera’s browser and its web portal. Opera browser users will have access to content via Opera’s built-in dropdown search toolbar. Answers will also be integrated through the Opera Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Translate menu items.

“Opera continues to create innovative products and services that appeal to dedicated, cutting-edge surfers looking for a better Internet browsing experience,” explained GuruNet Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Cutler. “We are confident that this enhancement to the Opera product line will be of tremendous value to their loyal users, help attract new fans, and increase usage and traffic for both companies.”

Carsten Fischer, Desktop Product Manager for Opera Software added, “Opera focuses on delivering advanced Web technologies and offering features that other browsers don’t. is yet another feature that will set us apart providing millions of Opera users with instant access to fast facts and reliable information.”

Recently also partnered with IceRocket for Blog Search results, Accoona for search and contextual results, and is continuing to grow its free educational reference source.

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