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Opera Adds Blog and RSS Feeds to New 7.50 Browser

Opera Software today released 7.50 for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris operating systems. Opera 7.50 offers users hungry for a better Internet experience the latest advancements in Internet technologies and informational search.

Opera 7.50 now features a news aggregator for searching and sifting through blogs and RSS newsfeeds which is a step ahead of Netscape and Microsoft browsers, although Microsoft has been rumored to be adding an RSS aggregator to their next update. Opera users can subscribe to feeds using Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, and have new items come in regularly as individual messages in Opera’s mail client, which is packaged with the browser.

Since RSS is integrated into the Opera browser, the third most popular browser for Windows applications, visitors can easily e-mail items or open links from the same application. According to the Associated Press, support for RSS had been available primarily through standalone applications and as plug-ins for Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer. RSS also comes with smaller browsers like OmniWeb for Macintosh computers.

Traditionally, RSS and blog search engines have also been the main outlet of finding recent news and opinion stories, this may change with browsers adapting such RSS aggregating and search technology. Additionally, Yahoo has helped to legitimize RSS feed reading with their RSS aggregator on MyYahoo.

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Opera Adds Blog and RSS Feeds to New 7.50 Browser

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