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OpenAI DevDay Buzz Includes Alleged Leak Of New ChatGPT Prototype

Here’s what to expect at OpenAI's DevDay, including the top rumors with alleged leaked screenshots and video of a new ChatGPT prototype.

  • OpenAI could introduce major updates for developers, making it cheaper and faster to build AI-based applications.
  • A rumored "Team" plan for ChatGPT could offer unlimited high-speed GPT-4, advanced data analysis, and more.
  • Alleged leaked video shows Gizmo V8, a ChatGPT prototype that features a new model selector, customizable GPTs, and a Magic Maker.
OpenAI devday rumors leaks

Major announcements expected from OpenAI at tomorrow’s DevDay conference could revolutionize the landscape for artificial intelligence developers and companies leveraging AI technology.

The company behind ChatGPT plans to showcase updates at its inaugural DevDay event that could change how businesses build and deploy AI-powered applications.

Lowered Cost For Developers

According to inside sources from a report by Reuters, OpenAI will reveal substantial enhancements to its developer tools.

These improvements are aimed at making it more cost-effective and efficient for developers to create software applications based on OpenAI’s AI models.

The addition of memory storage to these developer tools could potentially reduce application-making costs by up to 20 times.

This is a game-changer for partners who have been grappling with the high costs of utilizing OpenAI’s sophisticated models, especially as they strive to create sustainable businesses through the development and sale of AI software.

Moreover, OpenAI is poised to introduce tools with vision capabilities. These tools will empower developers to craft applications capable of analyzing and describing images.

The potential applications of such technology are vast, spanning various sectors including entertainment and medicine.

The Future Of ChatGPT

In addition to these developer-centric updates, OpenAI is reportedly working on new pricing plans for ChatGPT.

The rumored “Team” plan includes all the features of the existing “Plus” plan, but with added benefits such as unlimited high-speed GPT-4, advanced data analysis, and a four times longer context for working with larger material.

It also offers internally shareable chat templates and the assurance that data will not be used for training.

Another possible upcoming integration for ChatGPT would allow it to connect to Google Drive and Microsoft 365

Attendees of DevDay could also catch a peek of Gizmo V8. This prototype reportedly resembles the ChatGPT iOS App but introduces innovative features like a new model selector, customizable GPTs, and a tool intriguingly named “Magic Maker,” speculated to utilize something known as GPT-4 Magic Create.

Additionally, an “Advanced” mode is said to be part of this prototype, offering users the ability to create their own GPTs.

The “My GPTs” dashboard will display all user-created GPTs, with an option to create and share a powerful AI assistant.

These alleged leaks follow unconfirmed rumors that some ChatGPT Plus can now use all GPT-4 tools at once.

These advancements are not just technical milestones but could also herald a new era of cost efficiency and innovation for companies leveraging AI, reshaping the landscape of how AI is used in business and development.

For marketers and agencies, the implications of OpenAI’s anticipated announcements are profound.

These advancements could streamline operational efficiencies, open new avenues for marketing and customer engagement, and foster innovative approaches to content creation and data analysis.

Featured image: Markus Mainka/Shutterstock

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OpenAI DevDay Buzz Includes Alleged Leak Of New ChatGPT Prototype

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