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A Look Inside The New ChatGPT iPhone App From OpenAI

Discover generative AI on your iPhone. The new ChatGPT app from OpenAI accepts text and voice input for instant answers, advice, and tasks.

Official OpenAI ChatGPT App For iOS iPhone

OpenAI released the first official ChatGPT app for iOS users.

The iPhone app allows ChatGPT users to log in to their accounts, access their chat history, and converse in an ad-free environment.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

The app will help all users with instant answers, personalized advice, inspiration, professional tasks, and educational opportunities using GPT-3.5.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

ChatGPT Plus users can switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 on the app and will have first access to new feature releases.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

GPT-3.5 offers fewer limits than GPT-4, which allows a maximum of 25 messages every three hours. GPT-4 promises higher quality output for personal and professional tasks, whereas GPT-3.5 offers faster, almost unlimited responses.

ChatGPT App Vs. Website Version

What are the main differences between the ChatGPT app and using ChatGPT in a web browser?

Text And Voice Input

The ChatGPT iPhone app accepts text and voice input with Whisper, OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual data.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

Here is how the ChatGPT app did when summarizing the approach to data processing for Whisper, copied from the research paper.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

It was also able to summarize a 1:30 audio clip from a recent Senate hearing on AI regulation using voice input.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

Missing GPT-4 Beta Features

For ChatGPT Plus users, a noticeable missing feature is having access to GPT-4 Code Interpreter, web browsing, and all of the new ChatGPT plugins.

Anyone who has found value in those specific features must stick with in a web browser.

Plus users will not find the option to enable beta features under settings in the ChatGPT app either. You may have to do this in your account settings on a web browser to receive the new features in the app.

Screenshot from ChatGPT (Website), April 2023

How To Use The ChatGPT App

Start by downloading the ChatGPT app from the App Store.

Screenshot from Apple App Store, May 2023

When you log in to your account, if you have ChatGPT Plus, you can choose GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

The three-dot menu allows you to access your account settings and chat history.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

You can also use the three-dot menu inside a chat to rename the chat for reference in your chat history, delete the chat, or start a new chat.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

ChatGPT App Best Practices

The ChatGPT app does not have web browsing access yet, as noted when I asked it about today’s top AI news.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

However, it offers great tips on how to get the most from a ChatGPT iPhone app.

Screenshot from ChatGPT App, May 2023

AI Becomes More Accessible

The advent of the ChatGPT app for iOS represents OpenAI’s commitment to creating practical tools for the everyday user.

By offering a wide array of features, from precise information retrieval and personal advice to professional input and individual learning, the application aims to empower users in multiple aspects of their life.

Including the Whisper speech-recognition system amplifies accessibility, while the promise of continuous upgrades based on user feedback ensures the app will evolve to meet changing needs.

The app rollout will begin in the United States and soon be available worldwide. OpenAI also noted that an Android app would be available soon as well.

Featured image: Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock

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A Look Inside The New ChatGPT iPhone App From OpenAI

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