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OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Team For The Workplace

OpenAI announces ChatGPT Team, a collaborative workspace that can dramaticlaly accelerate worker productivity

ChatGPT Team

OpenAI announced the creation of a new subscription plan called ChatGPT Team, a collaborative workspace for organizations to centralize their ChatGPT related work in a secure environment.

In the year after ChatGPT was announced there were fears that AI would eventually replace workers. ChatGPT Team shows a different view of AI in the workplace where AI performs like a competent intern that can perform tedious projects like visualizing data in a line graph and extracting insights from it.

Screenshot Of ChatGPT Data Visualization

Image by OpenAI

ChatGPT Team

The new subscription tier offers three main features:

  • Advanced GPT Models
  • Collaboration with shared custom GPTs
  • Security in a dedicated and private workspace

The way ChatGPT Team is visualized is an AI team assistant for each employee that can quickly perform mundane tasks such as converting data into a line chart, change an image of a whiteboard into text data or to visualize data and convert it into three action items. Other suggested uses are as a coding assistant, email automation, and data analysis, the kinds of tasks that are tedious and cut into useful productivity time.

Rather than replace workers, ChatGPT Team is envisioned as a productivity booster that allows team members to do more faster.

ChatGPT Team Features

ChatGPT Team offers early access to new features, absolutely no use of business data for training, custom GPT collaboration and an admin panel for managing ChatGPT Team, plus access to (with higher message caps): DALL·E, Browsing, and GPT-4 with a 32k context window.

ChatGPT Team costs $25 per team member which is fairly inexpensive when it’s considered as a time-saving assistant for each employee.

The official announcement explains:

“Integrating AI into everyday organizational workflows can make your team more productive.

In a recent study by the Harvard Business School, employees at Boston Consulting Group who were given access to GPT-4 reported completing tasks 25% faster and achieved a 40% higher quality in their work as compared to their peers who did not have access.”

Read the official announcement:

Introducing ChatGPT Team

Featured Image by Shutterstock/Douglas Cerutti

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OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Team For The Workplace

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