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Open Letter to Google : SEO’s Are Friends, Don’t Treat Us Like Enemies

Open Letter to Google : SEO’s Are Friends, Don’t Treat Us Like Enemies

Jack Spirko has published an open letter to Google explaining why SEO’s should not be treated as enemies of the Google state :

Sometimes it seems that despite owning one of the biggest SEO Companies in the world that Google has it in for all of us. They have waged war on buying links, crippled paid blogging services by nuking their networks page rank and have even banned web sites of major corporations. They constantly seem to push a covert mantra that all SEOs are spammers unless they just create content and let the system work or some version there of. Personally I think it is getting old! So on behalf of my fellow SEOs here is my direct letter of truce to Google, lets see if anyone cares.

The thesis of the letter : “To be blunt every time a person runs a search and cant find something they are looking for it is not because some evil SEO have optimized spam web pages. Often it is a failure of Google to return a relevant result and it is also at times a searcher who is, well, not capable of running a proper web search.”

12 comments to the letter already and Doug Heil has stepped in to lend his opinion on the subject. Give Jack’s letter a read : SEO’s to Google – We’re Your BEst Friends, Stop Treating Us Like Enemies

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