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Oodle’s Garage Sale Local Search & Alert Service

Oodle’s Garage Sale Local Search & Alert Service

Classifieds search engine Oodle has launched a Garage Sale Finder which indexes over 15,000 garage and yard sales from hundreds of sources including local newspapers and community classified sites.

Users can sign up for the Garage Sale Finder and receive alert emails detailing what garage sales are occurring near them. Think of it as a Google Alert service for finding local treasure.

“We created the Garage Sale Finder to make it easy for people to get information on the sales going on in their neighborhoods,” said Faith Sedlin, co-founder and vice-president marketing of Oodle. “The first step to finding a great deal is knowing where to shop.”

Features Include:

See all local sales. With over 15,000 new listings added every week, the Garage Sale Finder lets consumers learn about sales from all the relevant sources, from local and suburban newspapers to national sites like PennySaver and Bargain News.

Don’t miss out. Announcements for new sales happen around the clock. The Garage Sale Finder enables consumers to find out about events minutes after they are posted.

Map your course. Consumers can view locations for sales on a map making it easy to plan a weekend treasure hunt.

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Oodle’s Garage Sale Local Search & Alert Service

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