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Oodle Launches College Classifieds Search Engine

Oodle Launches College Classifieds Search Engine

Need to find an apartment near campus, score some ripped DVDs, sell your old iPod to buy the new Nano version, and get an internship before October? Oodle, the search engine for local classifieds, may have the answer to your prayers with its new college & unversity classifieds meta search with over 100 college sites. Oodle, which enables students to search over 2 million classified listings, covers everything from popular online sites, such as Craigslist, eBay, and Monster to local and campus newspapers. As part of its rapid expansion across the U.S., Oodle plans to launch new college sites every week.

Cool features include Local and Maps integration in Oodle College. Students can use maps to browse listings around their campus. When a user selects a map area, only listings associated with this area are displayed. If he drags the map to a different area, a new set of listings is shown.

“We’re excited about the college market,” said Faith Sedlin, vice president and co-founder of Oodle. “Students are always looking for deals and are online daily. They especially like how much time and money Oodle saves them by being able to browse all the listings in their area at once.”

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Oodle Launches College Classifieds Search Engine

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