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Only 2 Weeks until IM Spring Break

Only 2 Weeks until IM Spring Break

Today marks the 2 week countdown until IM Spring Break, the search marketing mini-con in South Florida which will feature some of the brightest and most talented speakers in search marketing, along with keynotes by Neil Patel, Rae Hoffman (SugarRae), and Chris Winfield.

IM Spring Break is 3 days of sunny, Florida, spring break style fun and learning which will be held at the Deerfield Beach Hilton, about 5 minutes from the warm beaches of Florida.

Think of IM Spring Break of a mix of 3 intense days of SEO and Search Marketing training sessions & workshops, along with a “get away from it all” Spring Break atmosphere of casual dress, poolside events, and important business networking.

Only 2 Weeks until IM Spring Break

IM Spring Break is a 3 day event, with a different theme everyday; Social Media, SEO and Paid Search Marketing. Of course, all themes are intertwined given the industry, and each day will feature its own keynote speech :

  • Social Media Keynote : 10e20’s Chris Winfield : a master at using social media to draw targeted eyes to web sites, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns. Chris works with large publishing companies and is an expert in social media marketing.
  • SEO Keynote : Neil Patel will discuss the role of search analytics in an SEO and online marketing campaign, and how new age analytics can decipher traffic and behavior from social media campaigns, and be applied to your total online marketing strategy.
  • Affiliate Marketing Keynote : Rae Hoffman (aka SugarRae) is an outspoken and strait shooting affiliate marketer who will be discussing affiliate marketing, making money and other tactics which will be useful for both affiliates and the companies which are building an affiliate marketing strategy. Her session is special, with no live blogging, video or broadcasting of the event.

Other notable IM Spring Break speakers include these search marketing experts:

  • Joost deValk on WordPress SEO
  • Social media marketing and link bait expert Brent Csutoras
  • Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) on Leveraging Social News for SEO
  • Li Evans on Building a Brand via Social Media
  • Search expert Carolyn Shelby on major SEO coding issues
  • Top Digg Power Account user ZAIBATSU !!!
  • Frank Watson (Aussie Webmaster) and David Szetela on Paid Search

This lineup is basically a Who’s Who of search marketing and is not to be missed!

With a cap of 200 seats, IM Spring Break will be in an intimate setting, and you should leave the 3 day event with strong friendships and trusted business relationships with some of the top businesses in SEO, representatives from Yahoo, SEOmoz and Best of the Web, and most importantly, a wealth of knowledge.

The cost for a ticket to IM Spring Break is only $379 ; this includes 3 days of sessions, breakfast & lunch, and open bar networking activities. The perks more or less cover the cost of admission!

IM Spring Break will help you redefine your search marketing strategy, and you’ll probably come home with a tan (or a tattoo)!

Don’t wait another day, Register Now :

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Only 2 Weeks until IM Spring Break

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