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Online Shopping via Smart Speakers is Growing Faster Than Expected [REPORT]

A new report from eMarketer shows that a greater than expected number of users are shopping via smart speakers.

According to eMarketer’s revised estimates, 31 million people in the US will shop via a smart speaker this year, up 31.6% from 2018.

By 2021, it’s predicted that 38 million people in the US will be shopping via smart speakers. That means more than 4 in 10 US smart speaker users will be utilizing the device’s shopping capabilities.

It’s important to note that eMarketer defines “shopping” as browsing, researching products, and adding things to a shopping cart.

When it comes to actual purchases, 21 million people will buy at least one thing via a smart speaker this year. That number is expected to rise to 23.6 million in 2020, and 25.9 million in 2021.

The majority of smart speaker purchases are comprised of electronic media. Reordering previously purchased products is another one of the top ways users are buying items with smart speakers.

Jaimie Chung, eMarketer senior forecasting analyst, says in a report:

“The smart speaker market is showing no signs of stopping, and with increased adoption comes increased use, including shopping…

New users are testing out the shopping-related features of their devices, and early adopters continue to utilize voice to search for products, ask for prices, and more.”

The main reservation users have when it comes to buying through smart speakers is not being able to see the product.

However, that may become less of a factor as smart speakers with displays gain traction.

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Online Shopping via Smart Speakers is Growing Faster Than Expected [REPORT]

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