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Local Strategies: How Better Online Reputation Drives Revenue


Join us as we look at how your online reputation and local marketing strategies can drive revenue for your business, while avoiding pitfalls along the way.

With guest Raj Nijjer of Edge, we’ll dive into the revenue impacts that your online reputation can have, and why this reputation building should be crucial in your planning.

Join your host Loren Baker, as he and Raj discuss how to avoid wasteful strategies of local marketing and multi-location businesses, plus a couple tips on how a good reputation can help attract and retain top talent.

[01:14] – Raj’s Background and Journey to Edge.
[02:44] – Edge’s Concept of Employee-Driven Growth and Its Connection to Google Reviews.
[10:34] – How Reviews Contribute to Local SEO.
[11:27] – Customer-Facing End: In-Depth Reviews and Personalization.
[13:24] – Standing Out in Cutthroat Competition: Franchises and Service Businesses.
[14:37] – Motivating Employees and Transparent Recognition Through Reviews.
[20:49] – Reputation Management and Injecting Employee Recognition.
[45:06] – Employee Retention During Challenges Like The COVID-19 Pandemic.

We encourage businesses to amplify positive reviews and learn from the negative reviews. – Raj Nijjer, 5:34

Now not only does the brand win and the business win, but employees can feel great or a person can feel great about the job that they’ve done. – Raj Nijjer, 9:21

Positive reviews are so important. There’s one stat I read on your site…53% of customers won’t go to a business rated under four stars. – Loren Baker, 15:21

I think the injection of motivating and recognizing your employees while they’re doing this service is something that we’re very proud of, because we can see which employees are doing really well. And then you can duplicate that. – Raj Nijjer, 21:44

Our goal is to marry the marketing with operational excellence. You want to hold people accountable, especially if you’re rewarding them. – Raj Nijjer, 30:53

I think one thing COVID taught every business owner is employee retention and how hard it’s been to find people and when a displacement happens, it really jeopardizes your business if you don’t plan it well. So you want to keep your superstars, don’t ever lose your superstars. – Raj Nijjer – 41:10

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Raj is Head of Marketing for Edge, an employee-driven growth platform for service brands. Previously, he was the CMO of Refersion (acquired), and held executive marketing roles at Yotpo and Yext (IPO in 2017). Raj also spent over nine years at Godaddy (IPO in 2015) in leadership roles launching innovative product lines with over ten patents issued and leading to a PE buyout and an IPO.

Raj is also fractional CMO to early and mid-stage technology startups. Raj received his Bachelors of Science degree in International Management and his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

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Connect with Loren Baker:

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Local Strategies: How Better Online Reputation Drives Revenue

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