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Online 2012 Election Results and Trackers

Google Election Day Logo

Google Election Day Logo

Happy Election Day!

It is a big day for America and it is important to remember that no matter what political side you are on the voters are all American’s. So please, vote, but respect your fellow voters today.

As the results come in it is often impossible for many to just sit in front of TV and watch the news. However, there are many places to keep up with election results and the electoral votes online. Obviously most of this data will start coming in later this evening, but we want to give you a solid list of places right now. Perhaps you can use some of these sites or apps if you are out or working tonight.

2012 Election Results – See results for the Presidential race and also the Senate, House, Gov. and ballots state-by-state. – And their app will be offering live results, maps and more.

YouTube Election Hub – Starting at 7PM Eastern you can keep up with live election coverage.

NPR – Check out their live results as they happen

XBOX- Mashable reports that XBOX users can  election returns starting at 7PM eastern. Results will be powered by NBC News.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are removing the paywalls tonight.

News  Websites Elections ResultsCBSNBCABC,  Fox News  and MSNBC.

Yahoo Control Room – See the latest news, polls, results and more.

Election Dashboard at Huffington Post – See updated results this evening.

News and Political Apps:

Electoral Vote Tracker

USA Today -This tracker allows you to create your own winning scenario for this election and also see the history of the electoral votes since 1960. You can check it out here.

CNN – Electoral Map

What is the world thinking?

CNN has a world map with links to articles about what different countries are thinking and concerned about regarding the US 2012 Presidential Election.

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Online 2012 Election Results and Trackers

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