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Onfolio Web Tool Launches – Turns Search into Research

Onfolio, Inc., an independent software company committed to helping people manage information found online, today officially launched, unveiling its flagship product. The new PC application, also called Onfolio, enables users to easily collect, organize and share information they find searching the Internet.

Onfolio gives users tools for collecting the full range of Web content including links, snippets of text, documents, and full pages. From within the browser, users can organize the captured items, add comments, and share the content through email, reports, documents, and websites. With Onfolio, Internet users can now keep track of the information they find online, annotate and organize that content, and more easily share it with others.

“The ability to find useful information online about almost every conceivable topic is changing the way millions of people live and work every day,” said JJ Allaire, co-founder and CEO of Onfolio. “But while more information is available and search engines keep improving, most people are still struggling to keep track of the content they find, organize their research, and communicate it to friends and colleagues. We built Onfolio to address these challenges by giving people an easy-to-use tool for managing their Internet research.”

Search Information Management: Turning Search Into Research

The demand for new tools to manage information found online comes as a result of the growing reliance on the Internet as a critical source of information for tens of millions of people. According to an AOL/Roper Starch survey, 91 percent of wired Americans regularly conduct research online, making it the most common consumer Internet activity. While technology for finding and viewing information has improved steadily over the last few years, Internet users have been forced to piece together incomplete solutions for managing what they find.

By addressing the critical information management challenges facing people who use the Internet for research, the release of Onfolio marks the emergence of a new category of productivity tools, search information managers (SIM), which complement search engines and browsers.

“The continued digitization of human information and the search wars among Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are yielding the benefit of significantly greater access to a wide array of online information,” explains Peter O’Kelly, senior analyst, Burton Group. “As people, especially in information intensive jobs, continue to expand their expectations for what is available online, and shift their work practices to incorporate regular cycles of searching and filtering activity, there will be a growing need for purpose-built tools such as Onfolio that help people more productively organize and use the information they gather from the Internet.”

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Onfolio Web Tool Launches – Turns Search into Research

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