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Omniture Now Offers Enhanced Facebook Marketing Analytics

With the ever emerging and evolving world of web 2.0. marketers no more can afford to neglect social media, and with Facebook becoming the second most visited website online after Google … and THE INTERNET (thinking back AOL circa 1998) to the bulk of its users … analytical tracking and gauging user action, interest and return on investment is crucial to an online marketing campaign. By engaging in social media networking, marketers get an awesome opportunity to join the conversation and have more relevant interactions with their customers.

hspace=Focusing forces on social media web, a marketer gets a unique chance to:

  • More effectively reach highly targeted and active web users;
  • Better understand the needs and interests of their potential customers;
  • Get instant feedback on new products and offers, etc.

Yesterday Omniture, an Adobe company and a leading provider of online business optimization & target marketing software, and Facebook announced that they signed a deal to provide online marketers with solutions to better understand and optimize the impact and ROI of their Facebook investments.

The new Omniture feature provided in collaboration with Facebook will enable marketers to automate Facebook ad buying and access analytics to

help companies more easily integrate Facebook as a marketing channel in order to connect to and have relevant conversations with Facebook’s more than 400 million active users.

For Omniture users this alliance will basically mean the ability to access a single dashboard to plan, deliver and measure campaigns. From one dashboard, the users will be able to:

  • Effectively manage their ad spend on Facebook;
  • Easily compare Facebook ad campaign metrics with other media channels;
  • Generate reports specifically designed to understand ad effectiveness for some of the unique elements of Facebook such as Facebook Pages and applications.

Omniture and Facebook will continue to expand this partnership as marketers increasingly utilize this channel to optimize visitor acquisition, conversion and retention. For more information, please contact your Omniture account manager.

The official press release can be found here.

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Omniture Now Offers Enhanced Facebook Marketing Analytics

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