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Omgili : Search Engine for Forums & Discussion Boards

Omgili stands for “Oh My God I Love It”. Its a search engine exclusively for discussion boards, opinions, forums and conversations and returns results on what the netirati are discussing about your relevant topic.

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According to Ran Geva of Omgili, “Omgili’s search algorithm analyzes forums not as a simple web page, but as an active discussion with a title, topic and replies.”

“Many times you will have a question that has already been answered,” he says. “Using Omgili, you can avoid posting already asked questions and quickly find your answer. Using Omgili’s advanced search capabilities you can choose to independently search titles, topics or just the replies of a discussion.”

The one most resourceful tip concerning the net is that you can always search the web for certain issues you face since someone else may have faced the same issue earlier and a possible solution is a few clicks away. Omgili is targeted at just crawling those discussions and you can search on the basis of replies, questions or the topics of the discussion.

The algorithm includes the provision for using boolean queries and also has a special feature where you can append the caret (^) sign with a number (boost factor) at the end of a search term to boost the significance of a term in the search query.

Omgili has been found to be very relevant for the single purpose it has been created – i.e. comb forums and discussions boards. Definitely an engine that deserves a try.

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Omgili : Search Engine for Forums & Discussion Boards

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