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‘OK Google’ Voice Search to be Removed from Chromebooks

‘OK Google’ Voice Search to be Removed from Chromebooks

Google is reportedly removing its ‘OK Google’ voice search command from Chromebooks.

This information was first reported by Chrome Unboxed, citing this repository as its source.

It’s likely this change is being made to make way for Google Assistant on Chromebooks with the upcoming ‘Eve’ model.

Chrome Unboxed speculates Google made the decision to nix its voice search command due to lack of use, which may be the case considering it had to be set up manually.

Google Assistant is said to become more of a centerpiece of the Chromebook experience, with dedicated Assistant key on the keyboard.

According to another repository, older Chromebook models will be able to access Google Assistant with a keyboard shortcut.

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“In addition to Search + A, the Assistant can be invoked via the dedicated Assistant key on some devices”

‘OK Google’ will remain alive and well on Google Home and Android devices, but it sounds like we’ve seen the last of it on Chromebooks.


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