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Official Logitech Statement: “All’s Well” with Google TV

Is Google TV failing? Are Google and Logitech having a “falling out?” Well, if you’ve been paying attention to any of the reports (including, yes, the reports here), your likely answer is “yes” to both of the above. However, some analysts have questioned this, and several tech experts have chimed in with their own take on Google TV — a platform that may be getting a worse reputation than it deserves. One of the most important voices to listen to through this debate, however, comes from Logitech itself.

The recent news, rumors, speculation, and leaks have told us that Logitech halted their production on the Google TV Revue unit — one of the first two devices released for Google TV. According to numerous sources, Logitech had stopped its production due to problems with Google software. These rumors likely stemmed from Google’s own statements about the dramatic improvements they wanted to make over the next couple months, as well as the company’s request that other manufacturers delay their CES Google TV presentations. However, Logitech’s Digital Home Group VP, Ashish Arora, gave us an official statement.

“I can’t ignore the recent puzzling speculation that Google has asked [us] to suspend production of Logitech Revue to address software issues,” states Arora, quickly clarifying that the device is fully capable of receiving over the air updates that will improve the software as Google makes it available, and that the halt is thus in no way related to software updates.

Arora continues to state that “Logitech and Google continue to have a collaborative, effective working relationship,” and that Logi remains excited for their role in pushing the Google TV line-up. However, all this does lead to just one assumption. If they didn’t stop production because of software issues, their halt likely happened for a much simpler reason: Sales were much lower than anticipated.

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Official Logitech Statement:  “All’s Well” with Google TV

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