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NYTimes.com Integrates Answers.com Content

NYTimes.com Integrates Answers.com Content

NYTimes.com Integrates Answers.com Content

Answers Corporation and The New York Times Company have partnered for the integration of Answers.com reference content into NYTimes.com.

The agreement includes direct access from NYTimes.com to Answers.com’s patented 1-Click Answers technology.

Applying this feature, users can hold down the “Alt” key and click with the mouse on any word or phrase on a NYTimes.com article to see a popup window replete with concise and direct reference information from a collection of reference material, carefully selected in consultation with New York Times editors, without ever leaving the current Web page.

NYTimes.com Integrates Answers.com Content

NYTimes.com readers will be able to get quick access, in context and Answers.com will also appear on thousands of Times Topics, which aggregate the most relevant information from The Times’ text and multimedia archives around subjects, people, places and organizations in the news. The search will also return information from The New York Times Essential Guide to Knowledge. With the inclusion of Answers.com reference information, Times Topics will become a key online reference source.

Answers.com will also be powering its “Answers.com/Reference,” a search option available from the NYTimes.com search box.

“The New York Times Company is pleased to enhance and enrich the experience of our readers with Answers.com,” says Vivian Schiller, senior vice president and general manager, NYTimes.com. “Readers will now be able to click on any word or phrase in a Times article to find the best information in our own archive and from the reference material on Answers.com. Our partnership with Answers.com illustrates our continued commitment to providing online readers with the most comprehensive information available.”


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