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Now You Can Search For Music On Google And Play It Directly In Your Favorite App

Today, Google announced a change they have introduced to the mobile search experience on Android devices in the US.

Starting today, when you search for musicians or bands you will have the option to play their music in an app of your choice by clicking a link in the search results.

When you look up musicians and bands on Google, you often want to play their songs right away. Say you’re curious about your favorite pop artist’s latest hits, or you’re with friends chatting about the newest indie rock group and want to play some of their music. Starting today, when you ask Google about a musician, you can simply tap a link to play their music right in one of your installed apps.

This new feature will work with the following apps:

  • Rdio
  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • TuneIn Radio
  • YouTube

Google says they are working to expand this feature to users worldwide, an integrate local music services like Deezer.

Jason Douglas, Group Product Manager of Google Search, says he hopes this makes finding and exploring artists and music on Google more fun now that users can listen to the music right away.

One of the things that makes Google search so great on Android are features like this one. The ability to search for something and open it in an installed app is something Android users have been enjoying since December of last year. For example, if you search for a movie on an Android device you can open the search result directly in your IMDB app.

For more information about app indexing on Android, how it works, and what apps it works with, check out this SEJ article that was posted back in April.

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Now You Can Search For Music On Google And Play It Directly In Your Favorite App

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