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Now You Can Find ‘Style Ideas’ With Google Image Search

Google has introduced a new feature called “style ideas” for image searches on the mobile web and the Android search app.

After searching for a particular product and tapping on on image, you’ll now find a grid of images which provides examples of how the product can be worn in real life.

If a certain product has caught your eye but you don’t know what to pair it with, Google Image Search now has the answer.

During my testing I found this feature works for both male and female fashion searches. So it can be used to find shoes to match your favorite bag, or a tie to match your favorite suit.

The announcement of this feature comes just days after Google introduced “similar items” suggestions for fashion searches. As of this week, Google Image Search is capable of recommending similar items based on the one being searched for.

Google provided a detailed set of criteria to meet in order for products to be included in “similar items” suggestions. The company provided no such information as to how suggestions are chosen for this new “style ideas” feature.

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Now You Can Find ‘Style Ideas’ With Google Image Search

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