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Now You Can Become a Google Certified Mobile Site Developer

Now You Can Become a Google Certified Mobile Site Developer

Google has launched a Mobile Sites certification program which offers developers (and marketers) the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in mobile website creation.

In order to become Mobile Sites certified you’ll have to pass an exam which tests one’s expertise in key areas of mobile website development.

Successful completion of the exam grants developers with a printable certificate, as a listing on their Google Partners profile showing they’ve passed them exam.

The exam, which consists of 65 multiple choice & true and false questions, covers basic to advanced concepts. Those taking the exam are given 90 minutes to complete it, and are required achieve a score of at least 80% in order to pass.

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”The Mobile Sites exam covers basic, technical and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing mobile sites. We recommend that you have on-the-job experience creating mobile sites to increase your chances of passing.”

Mobile Sites Study Guide

Developers won’t have to rely solely on their on-the-job experience to pass the exam. Google has provided a study guide which developers can review to further increase their chances of passing.

The study guide consists of the following 4 modules:

  1. Mobile sites and why they matter
  2. Improving mobile site speed
  3. Creating an effective mobile UX
  4. Advanced web technologies
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A entire module being dedicated to site speed should be an indication of how important site speed is in this day an age.

It’s also worth noting that the exam doesn’t test one’s knowledge of developing for any particular operating system. It’s strictly a test of one’s mobile website expertise in general.

While Google emphasizes this is an exam for marketers, there’s nothing stopping digital marketers and SEOs from taking the exam as well. It’s certainly an accreditation befitting of anyone who works with mobile websites in any fashion.


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