A Note from the Editor: Fake Aliases, Link Policies, and More

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A Note from the Editor: Fake Aliases, Link Policies, and More
Lately we’ve had a few incidents reported to us concerning “interesting” offers being made to contributors. The SEJ Editorial Team wanted to take a moment to give some friendly reminders to everyone out there:
  1. Buying links in posts is against the rules, kids. We’ve asked contributors to report anyone who approaches them to our naughty list.
  2. Humans welcome! We research and background check to make sure guest contributors and content submitters are who they say they are. We accept content from real people. All others need not apply.
  3. We reserve the right to remove superfluous links. No need to link to root domains of websites every time they’re mentioned. If a link appears to be not pertinent to the reader, it may be subject to removal.

Our complete guidelines for contributors are here.

As always, I welcome any feedback about our policies or any contributors that you think may not be representing the face of what we want SEJ to be: a community and resource for SEOs, marketers, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Email me at kelsey (at) searchenginejournal.com or reach out to us on twitter: @sejournal and @wonderwall7.


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Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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