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SEJ’s Link Policy

SEJ’s Link Policy

In the past few weeks, we’ve received a few tip-offs about companies contacting businesses claiming they are selling links on SEJ for $500 each. Please be aware: these companies are not contacting you on behalf of SEJ. If you have been contacted, we would truly appreciate any information you have via this completely anonymous Google Form.

We want to state publicly that SEJ never sells links within articles.
Any writer caught selling links will be banned. Period.  

SEJ Representatives

If you receive correspondence from someone reporting to be part of the SEJ team, please check our About page to make sure that they are an official team member. And, if you still aren’t sure, please email me at kelsey [at] and I can help! Our social media manager Debbie is also manning our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages if you’d like to reach out that way.


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Kelsey Jones

Marketing Consultant, Owner at Six Stories & StoryShout

Kelsey Jones is a marketing consultant, writer, and owner of and Kelsey has been in digital marketing since ... [Read full bio]

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