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Northern Light Announces Business Research Engine

Northern Light Announces Business Research Engine

Northern Light, a provider of custom enterprise, industry, and Web search engines, announced that it has released a new version of its business search engine and that the new version is available to individual users in addition to enterprises. The new version, called the Northern Light Business Research Engine, is available at

The Business Research Engine searches the Business Web of 20 million pages from 16,000 editorially-selected websites of public companies, private companies, trade journal and trade associations, venture funded companies, venture capital companies, corporate law firms, MBA programs, and the agencies of the Federal Government that regulate business. Industry commentary and analysis from 5 million articles from 1,400 trade journals with the full-text and all the graphics, charts, and tables from the articles Current news with over 7,000 stories per day from over 70 licensed newswires covering every significant event in the business world around the globe, with the full-text index updated every two minutes All content in the search database is tightly classified to over 40 industries so users can drill down into the information most relevant to their jobs.

Before Clusty, Vivisimo, and others Northern Light was a pioneer in clustered search with their little blue folders. Northern Light didn’t quite make it past the bubble burst and was shortly sold then dismantled by Divine, the Chicago firm which went on one of the more spectacular acquisition sprees of the dot-com era, taking stakes in nearly 90 technology companies before running through $500 million in investor dough and filing for bankruptcy protection. Northern Light’s orginal owner then bought it back from Devine an a bankruptcy auction. Washington Posts’ Leslie Walker reports that Seuss had regained the search-engine company he had founded in 1985 and sold to Divine last year, Northern Light, for a mere $81,000, about half a penny on the dollar of what Divine paid for it.

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Northern Light Announces Business Research Engine

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