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Nokia’s Open Source Mobile Browser

Nokia’s Open Source Mobile Browser

Nokia has launched a new Safari influenced open source browser for their Smartphone S60 platform. The new open code based browser is designed to give users a more complete web experience and better performance when viewing Internet sites.

The Nokia browser is built from the WebCore and JavaScriptCore pieces of the Apple Safari Web Kit, which is an open source full net rendering engine for mobile devices. Additionally based upon the KHTML and KJS of the KDE Konqueror open source project, the new browser has allowed Nokia to make vast improvements in site usability over Smartphones (something Cre8asite’s Kim Krause Berg would be proud of).

To accompany the open source browser launch, Nokia has also opened their site which is all about Nokia projects in the open source community. Slashdot reports that ‘The Projects page lists all Nokia developed downloadable code including: Maemo (Development platform for Linux based handhelds), MobileNews (Mobile NNTP reader), Python for S60, Sofia-SIP (SIP User-Agent library) and more.’

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Nokia’s Open Source Mobile Browser

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