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Niall Kennedy Joins Windows Live Team

Niall Kennedy Joins Windows Live Team

Formerly of Technorati, Niall Kennedy has announced that he is joining Windows Live “to create a new product team around syndication technologies such as RSS and Atom. I will help build a feed syndication platform leveraged by Microsoft products and developers all around the world.”

Niall made the announcement in his blog post Creating a feed syndication platform at Microsoft.

“ is the new default home page for users of the Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system. will be the first feed syndication experience for hundreds of millions of users who would love to add more content to their page, connect with friends, and take control of the flow of information in ways geeks have for years. I do not believe we have even begun to tap into the power of feeds as a platform and the possibilities that exist if we mine this data, connect users, and add new layers of personalization and social sharing. These are just some of the reasons I am excited to build something new and continue to change how the world can access new information as it happens.”

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Niall Kennedy Joins Windows Live Team

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