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NewsGator Intros Enterprise Server for RSS

NewsGator Intros Enterprise Server for RSS

RSS has become a widely used technology on the web. So much so, that NewsGator Technologies has now introduced an Enterprise Server, which is a business-class application for enabling RSS content delivery in a corporate environment. The package includes the popular NewsGator RSS reader and optional integration with Microsoft Outlook to deliver feeds into that e-mail application.

The application synchronizes content across multiple interfaces enabling users to have a universal access to the feeds. Sandy Hamilton, executive vice president of sales and marketing for NewsGator said in a statement: “We found that the plug-in was being used mainly in corporations. As the number of users continued to grow in the enterprise, IT directors were asking us to develop a server-based product behind the firewall, where no desktop client is required.”

The application makes use of Windows Active Directory and enables user to have a single sign-on to all users’ applications, including the RSS feeds. It also allows the users to create custom feeds based on keywords. This feature is called “Smart Feeds”. This enables the users to keep track of certain keywords being used on the web.

Microsoft itself has recognized the importance and popularity of the RSS concept and has plans to integrate it into the next version of their popular Operating System. Microsoft Windows Vista is expected to arrive in the market with built in support for the format.

Sushubh Mittal is a Technical Columnist for the Search Engine Journal and also runs TechWhack

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NewsGator Intros Enterprise Server for RSS

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