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Newgie : News Reader & Organizer

Newgie : News Reader & Organizer

Looking for an alternative to organize and read news on a daily basis beyond Google and Yahoo News? The people behind Newgie, dubbed News for Grown Ups, have shot us over an email on their service which seems to be a blog reader influenced site for ‘traditional’ web news.

Newgie’s news database is coninuously updated with news stories from thousands of the most respected news providers. You then have the ability to sort through these news articles using a variety of Newgie’s proprietary organizational tools. And Newgie’s IntelliRank ™ technology will help you easily locate the most relevant and important articles so that no time is wasted.

Different Ways to Organize Your News

1. Newgie FEEDS – Newgie Feeds are collections of articles imported from respected news providers like, and If you want to see all the news from a single source, simply subscribe to that source’s feed.

2. Newgie CATEGORIES – Newgie Feeds are arranged into pools of similar feeds called Newgie Categories. If you are interested in a particular topic, say Cycling or Celebrity News, simply subscribe to the Newgie Category on that topic and you will receive information from all Newgie Feeds that cover that category. If you want to see news from a broad range of providers on a single topic, Newgie Categories does just that. Articles in Newgie Categories are sorted by IntelliRank ™, meaning you’ll always see the most revlevant and important articles first.

3. Newgie COMMUNITIES – Newgie Communities are groups of Newgie users who share a common interest. When you subscribe to a community, you will have the ability to recommend articles to the other members of the community, and in turn, you will see all the articles recommended by the other members. Communities are perfect for users with specific niche interests because they enable users to consolidate news on virtually any topic under the sun.

The people behind Newgie are not web mewbies, with the experience of 3 start-ups under their belt, so we may want to keep an eye on them.

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Newgie : News Reader & Organizer

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